I am the land. I am the sea. I am a seed.
I am a part of the Earth.

FYLGDU MÉR means "follow me" in Icelandic, representing our efforts to provide the food and treatment to detoxify your body and mind, as well as to improve circulation by a range of our original products. Our clay products are blessed with natural power directly from the Mother Earth that nurtures seeds and heals people living in the modern world, and a range of pressed juices are made only from indigenous fresh fruits and vegetables. We aim to bring out the true beauty you were born with to shine.

To respect the power of the Earth that creates water circulation, nurtures seeds, and heals people. To connect with people who, even at a small scale, have grown indigenous fruits and vegetables, and preserved the natural vegetation from extinction, and to hand down such blessings of nature to the next generation. To lead people to create small circulation that harmonizes with nature. This is the mission of FYLGDU MÉR.

Let's start our journey, to the future that we desire to pass on.


Food and drink at FYLGDU MÉR have all started from our original pressed juice※1.
Today's Special juice, made with a blend of freshly delivered fruits and vegetables squeezed every morning, contains plenty of enzymes, which is not only delicious but also suitable quality for juice fasting※2.

We select fruits and vegetables which:
・are in season;
・are grown organically, or with little pesticides and chemical fertilizer;
・are grown from seed, such as native vegetation, to inherit the life to the next generation.

All products are delivered directly from trusted producers or greengrocers.

We serve original menus that are inspired by various food cultures around the world, particularly the Mediterranean cuisine. We carefully select water, salt and spices, and seasonings are all brewed slowly.
All lunch menus are prepared with plenty of fresh vegetables that are also used for our pressed juices. We serve lunch to fully satisfy your appetite and to reset your body at the same time. Takeout menus are also available.
For dinner, we mainly serve charcoal-grilled or wood-fired food. Enjoy dishes cooked with plenty of high-quality meat and vegetables, particularly the lamb meat delivered directly from the producer. They go perfectly well with wine or cocktails created by mixologists. We hope you enjoy the food along with the scent of spices, candle flame, and the sound of crackling firewood bring back your sense of saudade, and remember the great time you spent with your loved ones here at our restaurant. That is the wish of FYLGDU MÉR.

※1 Pressed juice

Juices made with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables and squeezed with a slow juicer to keep enzymes intact and extract the liquid from the ingredients. Also known as cold-pressed juice.

※2 Juice fasting

Fasting is a method to detox your body, reset your gut and digestion, and alter the rhythm of your immune system. For juice fasting, you drink pressed juices which can be absorbed as nutrition with using as little digestive enzymes in your body as possible. It is important to make pressed juices with high-energy, high-quality, and organic ingredients.


The common philosophy for the food and the treatment at FYLGDU MÉR is to detox, reset, and improve circulation of your body and mind, and to bring out your own true beauty.

We provide a course of treatment “ORKA” that combines “energy therapy” with clay mask. The interior walls on all floors of FYLGDU MÉR OSAKA have hemp charcoal mixed into the plaster wall. The hemp charcoal purifies the air, for you to take deeper breaths to activate the parasympathetic nerves and relax during the treatment.

Energy therapy

Energy therapy is a treatment to stimulate the body’s bioelectric current. Weak current from the special device is flown into a therapist’s body which is then transferred to your body through the therapist’s hands.
By soft hand massage we aim:

  • ・to enhance blood and lymphatic flows of your body, relaxing deep muscles;
  • ・to improve your basal metabolism during the treatment, which is equivalent to do aerobic exercise;
  • ・to lift, tighten, or brighten yours kin, as well as to improve your skin condition.

Clay mask

Clay mask is a treatment of a natural clay by using our original product “Ellefu by FYLGDU MÉR”.

  • ・detoxing waste products in your body;
  • ・resetting the nervous system by adjusting the ion balance of your body.

After stiffness of your body is thoroughly relaxed, the treatment is completed with another energy therapy at the end. The course of treatment mentioned above is a basic course. We advise each client to arrange the course according to the result of pre-treatment counseling by the staff.

ORKA means “the energy” in Islandic.


For our first time customers, we offer the basic ORKA treatment, which is a package consisting of the Energy Therapy and the Clay Mask to check your total body condition. After your first visit, we offer the Energy Therapy and the Clay Mask treatment individually, apart from the basic course. We are happy to support you in choosing the service and time frame to fit your condition and schedule that changes due to season and your physical state.

  • ・Worried about being exposed in UV ray
  • ・Eyestrain, stiffness of shoulders and upper body
  • ・Releasing physical and psychological fatigue

These are some examples of the treatments we offer to suits your needs upon counseling.

*Tax is included in the price.

*The time shown is the standard duration of treatment.

Please note your visit will take about 40 minutes in addition to the treatment for prior counseling and herbal tea service after the treatment.

*FACIAL is for treatment from the face to the shoulders.

*The menu listed above is an example of the services we offer.


Reservations are accepted over the phone or online

For more information, please ask the staff.

Reservation Time 10:00 - 19:00

T. +81 (0)6-4394-8725


Please read thoroughly

For our customer’s safety,

we do not accept guests for the Energy Therapy treatment

if you fall under any of the following conditions.

  • ・ have a pacemaker (or with heart disease)
  • ・ have been diagnosed with a brain disease
  • ・ are pregnant or may be pregnant
  • ・ consumed alcohol before treatment
  • ・ have metal elements such as bolts internally
  • ・ have severe diarrhea
  • ・ have a large injury and/or a scratch
  • ・ had surgery within the past month
  • ・ have been diagnosed “epileptic” at the hospital
  • ・ receiving treatment for high blood pressure and/or thrombosis


FYLGDU MÉR STAY is like a hideout to experience the ORKA treatment and the food made to boost the potential energy within you during your stay. In the space surrounded by solid materials nurtured over many years; wood, soil, stone, and charcoal, away from your daily life, you will enjoy the time to interact deeply with your mind and body.

At STAY, we offer an overnight treatment called “STAY.”

  • ・The service is upon reservation only, for one group per day. Dedicated staff and therapists will suggest a menu based on counseling.
  • ・The treatment room is a relaxing space with walls with hemp charcoal to prompt deep breathing activating the parasympathetic nerves.
  • ・The bedrock bath, sauna, and stone bath on the private floor are available whenever you like.


The STAY plan is an overnight plan from check-in at 14:00 pm to check-out at 12:00 pm the next day. You will enjoy a time to receive the ORKA treatment enhancing the healthy circulation conditioning the body, and retreat in serenity like indulging in meditation using the STAY on the 3rd floor. We are happy to support you in planning your ideal stay over the phone in advance, whether it be enjoying wine on the terrace available from the private wine cellar, or to be absorbed in reading inside.


Size of the guest room is 86.26m²
With a queen-sized bed, stone bathtub, bedrock bath/sauna room, treatment room, wine cellar

By advance reservation only. Reservation can be made only via reservation form.

*The facility will be privately reserved upon your stay.